Omni Class 1/12 Scale
Die-cast Mechanical Hulkbuster

1-12 scale Hulkbuster

Overall Specification:

  • Approximately 11 inches in height.
  • Figure exterior is 75% die-cast metal.
  • Glossy and matte metallic paints and polished metal.
  • Features 60 points of articulation.
  • LED lights in eyes, chest, palms, back, kneecaps, shin, calves, and soles.
  • Iron Man Mark 43 half-bust with LED lighted eyes, and chest arc reactor.
  • Chest opens up via spring-loaded mechanism button.
  • Die-cast metal torso, leg, and arms.
  • Extendable joints at shoulders elbows, waist, thighs, knees, and ankles

Estimated Release Date: End January 2017


Updated as at December 2016, we are at the stage of the first test shot of the 1/12 Hulkbuster figure with tooling done. The team is testing out the tolerance level of the figure in various aspects, after the die-cast and movable parts are being assembled together. Here are some progress photos we would like to share with everyone.

Hulkbuster Mechanical

We first assembled Hulkbuster’s leg. The team will check on its fitting, articulation and overall balance with the die-cast pieces on.

Hulkbuster Mechanical

The mechanical movement of this figure is the chest armor, which opens up to reveal a half-bust Iron Man Mark 43 inside. It is activated by a spring-loaded mechanical button at the back of the figure. This feature is shown later in the “Design” segment.

Hulkbuster Mechanical

The above shows pre-painted test-shot pieces of the chest armor and helmet from tooling. We will share more photos when we have the pieces painted.


Retractable Armor

Currently our development team have decided that the forearm armor of the 1/12 Hulkbuster will be tri-tier and retractable. This enhances the overall outlook of the figure as the design in this aspect has been improved to be more sophisticated, and realistic to what we see in the actual movie.

Hulkbuster Mechanical
Extensive Light-up Features

Its prototype stage as at August 2016, shows development of LED light fixtures in the eyes, chest, palms, back, kneecaps, shin, calves, and soles.

Hulkbuster Mechanical
Battery Consumption

With the high details and light-up features in place, please anticipate the use of a substantial amount of batteries consumption as well. The structure has been planned out in this manner:

Helmet2 batteries
Left Arm2 batteries
Right arm2 batteries
Body & Mark 436 batteries
Left Leg4 batteries
Right Leg4 batteries
Mechanical Movements

The main mechanical movement of the 1/12 Hulkbuster features the opening of its chest armor to reveal an Iron Man Mark 43 armor inside. The overall outlook of the figure has since been enhanced as well from our last sharing via a short video clip.

Hulkbuster Mechanical

In more detail, we have highlighted some parts in red below to show the areas which will be movable:

Hulkbuster Mechanical
Enhanced Design

For overall level of aesthetic physiques, each on/off switch will be hidden in the respective arm. The on/off switches for lights on kneecaps, shin, calves and sole lights are synchronized and fixed along the slider on each side if its foot.

Hulkbuster Mechanical

On/off switch for palm lights

Hulkbuster Mechanical

On/off switch for kneecaps, shin, calves, soles lights

Hulkbuster Mechanical

On/off switch for eyes lights

On/off switch for chest, back lights (RIGHT)
On/Off switch for MK 43 lights (LEFT)

Hulkbuster Mechanical

Spring-loaded mechanical button is carefully designed to ensure the overall aesthetic outlook of the figure is maintained.

Hulkbuster Mechanical

Removable parts allow collectors to display the figure to their liking, and makes posing easier with the additional flexibility.

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