Iron Man Mark XXXVIII (38) 1/12 Scale Igor

September 1, 2015

Mark XXXVIII (38)—Igor, made his cinematic debut in Iron Man 3 movie, trademarks a hunched posture and bulky appearance. Being a Heavy Lifting Suit, Igor exhibits tremendeous strength and power in lifting heavy objects. Igor figure is made up of 75% die-cast metal, 8 inches in height and weighs about 770 grams. He is fully articulated and has LED light features in the eyes and chest.

The 1/12 scale Igor is extremely detailed with over 60 articulations and has 3 pairs of interchangeable hands—1 pair of fists, 1 pair of articulated hands and 1 pair of semi-clenched hands!

Igor Iron Man Mark XXXVIII (38)
Igor Iron Man Mark XXXVIII (38)

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