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The New Omni Class

Comicave Studios introduces the new Omni Class – a class of collectibles designed to encompass quality, while still providing maximum enjoyment and playability. "Omni" means every. For every ‪‎collector. The Omni Class is suitable not only for seasoned collectors, but also junior collectors or movie fans who wish to start out on their first collection. ‬‬ The Omni Class starts off with the 1/12 Scale Iron Man Mark XLIII (43), which comes with a new improved design, enabling extensive posability and playability.

Die cast metal

LED Lights

on eyes and chest


more than 20 points


pose with other figures


take anywhere with you

Playability has been maximized through enhanced articulation design in the newly improved body, which features extendable joints at 4 points:

  • 1. Shoulders
  • 2. Waist
  • 3. Thighs
  • 4. Ankles

The Omni Class line up includes a range of 1/12 scale die-cast Iron Man figures, such as the Iron Man Mark XLIII (43),
Silver Centurion, Striker, Starboost, and others.

Omni Class images

Collectors can look forward to building a real collection of quality figurines designed with experience and playability in mind.

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