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1/12 Scale Shades Iron Man Mark XXIII (23)

Japan Exclusive

The 1/12 Scale Shades is a fully articulated figurine with interchangeable accessories, featuring 75% die-cast metal, and LED light features in the eyes and chest. Featured in Marvel’s Iron Man 3 movie, the Mark XXIII (23) is an Extreme Heat Suit with camouflage capabilities – anti-heat armor plating to withstand the extreme temperatures of a desert, and a camo paint finishing for concealment purposes.

The Mark 23 Shades is designed with a camo-print all over the entire figurine. To achieve this, each figure goes through multiple paint printing applications. The end result is a die-cast figurine with camo-print in 2 color palettes, and a final count of over 100 layers of paint application in matte finish. Collectors can look forward to a collectible that also encompasses craft and technical workmanship in its design.

A Japan exclusive, Shades was first launched at Wonderfest 2016, Winter Edition, held in Tokyo.

More details on the: 1/12 Scale Iron Man Mark 23 Shades

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